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Planning a 2023 wedding?

Want to know what’s ‘hot’ and what’s ‘not’?

This might be right up your street!

2023 is set to be yet another year where smaller, more intimate weddings, are the choice for mindful couples. This trend began, out of necessity, during the pandemic, and has been gaining traction ever since. I already have four ‘elopement weddings’ booked for the summer – beautiful, intimate gatherings, in spaces that hold special meanings for my couples.

Most of us are now increasingly more aware of our carbon footprint, so whilst the traditional, ‘mid-to-big’ wedding is still hugely popular, many newly engaged couples are scaling down, and enjoying not only the positive impact on their bank balance that this brings, but also the positive impact on the environment.

What else can we expect in 2023?

Let’s talk shopping!

Who doesn’t love wedding attire shopping – and this seems to be the one area that our couples are NOT scaling back on! From ‘The Dress’ to ‘The Suits’, it’s ALL about retro this year! Bold Ballgowns, Modern Minis, Rib-Crushing Corsets and Perfect Princess styles – all with a thoroughly updated ‘glow-up’ – the choice is both endless and timeless. Add in detachable silk bows and sleeves, and you are all set for that ‘day to night’ shift as you head into ‘Party Mode’!

And for the gentlemen? Think ‘statement’ jackets, in luxurious, jewel toned velvets or jacquard fabric, softened with a pearl lapel pin or frilly shirt. It’s ALL going on and will look simply STUNNING!!

What about the ceremony itself?

Personal and intimate is the key – and a ceremony that truly reflects you as a couple. Even with a larger wedding, a personal and intimate ceremony can be achieved by adding your own ‘twist’ on it. Perhaps with a special Unity Ritual, such as a hand-fasting, rose ceremony or maybe something more unique such as a gin-blending ceremony! The choices are only as limited as your own imagination here – your celebrant will have a wealth of ideas too, so if this is something that you like the sound of, they will be completely up for it!

How can I be more mindful when planning my wedding?

‘Sustainability’ is where it’s at!

There is no doubt that climate change is having an impact on how couples are thinking when planning their wedding. The Sustainable Wedding Movement is the place to go when you are wanting an ecologically responsible day – with their ever-growing list of eco-friendly suppliers, from cakes, catering and celebrants, to favours, florists and photographers, you can be ahead of the curve whilst reducing your footprint.

Are you ready to start planning?

Amazing!! You are in safe hands with Wisteria! Check out my other blogs for more about planning this most special day:

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